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"The wastebasket is a writer's best friend." ~Isaac Bashevis Singer
Themed Cozy Mystery Series
*Craft Cozies*

If you're creative and love doing crafts, you're going to enjoy these cozies.
Crocheting, knitting and quilting are a few of the craft subjects in these cozies.
Others include scrapbooking, soap and candle making, beading and basket weaving.
Learn a new craft or just enjoy watching these mysteries unravel.

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Knitting and Crocheting Cozies

Monica Ferris

Sally Goldenbaum

Betty Hechtman

Mary Kruger

Maggie Sefton

Quilting Cozies

Lizbie Brown

Jennifer Chiaverini

Earlene Fowler

Sally Goldenbaum

Clare O'Donohue

Terri Thayer

Barbara Workinger

Miscellaneous Craft Cozies

Barbara Burnett Smith

Karen MacInerney

Tim Myers

Tim Myers

Elizabeth Bright

Cricket McRae

Maggie Bruce

Laura Childs

Joanna Campbell Slan

Terri Thayer

Sarah Atwell

Hailey Lind

Barbara Jaye Wilson

Mary Ellen Hughes

Melissa Glazer

Beth Groundwater

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