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"No one means all he says, and yet very few say all they mean, for words are slippery and thought is viscous." ~Henry Brooks Adams
Cozy Mystery Authors
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As I continue to add new cozy mystery authors, there will be more pages added.
So keep checking back for new cozy Author listings.

(If one of your favorite Cozy Mystery Writers is not listed, please email me
and let me know who they are and I'll get them up on my lists! Thanks!)

On all my author pages I've included the author's website and/or blog.
I've also included the names of their main characters, series and their cozy mystery theme.
Clicking on the authors names will take you to pages that have information about them and their books.

Have fun exploring my Cozy Mystery Authors pages.
I hope you find some of your favorites here
and find some new cozy writers that will soon find their way onto your favorite Cozy Mystery Authors list!

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Cozy Mystery Authors * P *

Click on the Author's Name under each book cover for more information on the Book.

The Author's Websites and Blogs are provided in their listings.
Note: If an Author doesn't have a Website, the Website Link will take you to more information on their books.

Susan Page Davis

Emily Gray - Journalist/With Nate Holman - Mainely Murder Series

Katherine Hall Page

Faith Fairchild - Married to a Clergyman in New England

Robin Paige

Kathryn Ardleigh - American Author in England - Victorian Cozy

Linda Palmer

Morgan Tyler - Young Widow/Head Writer of Daytime Drama - "Love of My Life"

Sharon Pape

Portrait of Crime Mysteries
Rory McCain - Police Sketch Artist - Long Island

Sara Paretsky

V. I. Warshawski - PI - Chicago

Jessica Conant-Park and Susan Conant

Chloe Carter - Food Connoisseur/Grad Student - Gourmet Girl Mysteries

Chessen Parker

Clara Dare Ivankova - Attorney - NC Crystal Coast

Allison Cesario Paton

Mrs. Bundle Mysteries
Senior Sleuth - PI - Vermont

Paula Paul

Dr. Alexandra Gladstone - Village's Lady-Doctor

Stuart Pawson

Charlie Priest - Detective Inspector

Joanne Pence

Angelina Amalfi - Food Columnist/Restaurant Reviewer - Culinary

Louise Penny

Armand Gamache - Chief Inspector - Three Pines

Meira Pentermann

Paranormal Mysteries - Set in Maine

Elizabeth Peters

Vicky Bliss - American Art Historian in Germany
Jacqueline Kirby - Middle-aged Librarian
Amelia Peabody - Feminist Egyptologist from England

Twist Phelan

Hannah Dain - Business Lawyer - Pinnacle Peak Mysteries

R. Michael Phillips

Ernie Bisquets - Historical Artifacts - Adventurers Club Mysteries

Nancy Pickard

Jenny Cain - Foundation Director in Massachusetts

Cathy Pickens

Avery Andrews - Lawyer in South Carolina - Legal Mysteries

Neil Plakcy

Steve Levitan - Professor of English - W/Golden Retriever, Rochester

Rhonda Pollero

Finley Anderson Tanner - Bargain Fashion Shopper

Suzanne Price

Sky Taylor - Cleaning Wiz - Grime Solvers Mysteries

Ann Purser

Lois Meade - House-cleaning Business - New Brooms
Ivy Beasley - Old Folk's Residence - Senior Sleuth

Cozy Mystery Authors * Q *

Click on the Author's Name under each book cover for more information on the Book.

The Author's Websites and Blogs are provided in their listings.
Note: If an Author doesn't have a Website, the Website Link will take you to more information on their books.

Spencer Quinn

Chet, The Dog - With P. I. Bernie Little - Chet and Bernie Mysteries

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