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"No one means all he says, and yet very few say all they mean, for words are slippery and thought is viscous." ~Henry Brooks Adams
Cozy Mystery Authors
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As I continue to add new cozy mystery authors, there will be more pages added.
So keep checking back for new cozy Author listings.

(If one of your favorite Cozy Mystery Writers is not listed, please email me
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On all my author pages I've included the author's website and/or blog.
I've also included the names of their main characters, series and their cozy mystery theme.
Clicking on the authors names will take you to pages that have information about them and their books.

Have fun exploring my Cozy Mystery Authors pages.
I hope you find some of your favorites here
and find some new cozy writers that will soon find their way onto your favorite Cozy Mystery Authors list!

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Click on the Author's Name under each book cover for more information on the Book.

The Author's Websites and Blogs are provided in their listings.
Note: If an Author doesn't have a Website, the Website Link will take you to more information on their books.

Jane Haddam

Gregor Demarkian - Ex-FBI
Patience McKenna - Romance Author w/cat crime-solver

Jean Hager
Tess Darcy - Bed-and-Breakfast - Iris House Mysteries
Molly Bearpaw - Cherokee Mysteries

Carolyn Haines

Sarah Booth Delaney - Southern Belle Mysteries

Kathryn Miller Haines

Rosie Winter - WW II in New York City

Rebecca M. Hale

Rebecca W/Uncle Oscar - Accountant/Antique Shop - W/Cats, Rupert and Isabella

Lisa Hall

Marlene Prescott - Owner Coleman's Premier Bakery

Parnell Hall

YouTube Video: The Crossword Song
Cora Felton - The Puzzle Lady

Gemma Halliday

Tina Bender - Gossip Columnist - Hollywood Headlines Series

Barbara Hamilton

Historical Abigail Adams Mysteries
Wife of John Adams - Colonial Boston

David Handler

Mitch Berger - Film Critic - W/Police Officer, Desiree Mitry
Stewart Hoag - Celebrity Ghostwriter - W/Neurotic Basset, Lulu

Karen Harper

Queen Elizabeth - Historical Cozies

Charlaine Harris

Sookie Stackhouse - Southern Vampire Mysteries

Lisa Harris

Pricilla Crumb - Mother/Culinary Cozy

Rosemary Harris

Paula Holliday - Professional Landscaper - Dirty Business Mysteries

Janis Harrison
Bretta Solomon - Flower Shop in River City - Gardening Mysteries

Carolyn Hart

Annie Laurance - Mystery Book Store Owner - Death on Demand Mysteries
Henrie O - Senior Sleuth

Ellen Hart

Jane Lawless - Restaurateur/Amateur Sleuth - W/Theatrical Pal, Cordelia

Erin Hart

Cormac Maguire - Irish Archeologist - With Nora Gavin, American Pathologist

Patricia Harwin
Catherine Penny - Librarian - Library Mysteries

Honor Hartman
Emma Diamond - Bridge Club Mystery - Puzzle/Games Mysteries

Robin Hathaway

Dr. Jo Banks - On-call Doctor at a Motel
Dr. Andrew Fenimore - Physician in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Betty Hechtman

Molly Pink - Bookstore - Tarzana Hookers - Crochet Mysteries

Veronica Heley

Ellie Quicke - Fiesty Widow - London Suburb
Bea Abbot - Domestic Agency - Abbot Agency Mysteries

Libby Hellmann

Ellie Foreman - TV Producer/Turned Amateur Sleuth

J J Henderson

Lucy Ripken - Travel-Writer

Gabriella Herkert

Sara Townley - Law Firm Investigator - Animal Instinct Mysteries

Julie Wray Herman

Three Friends - Three Dirty Women Landscaping, Inc

Joan Hess

Arly Hanks - Police Chief - Maggody Mysteries
Claire Malloy - Single Mother - Bookstore Owner - Farberville, Arkansas

David Hewsen

Nic Costa - Detective - Rome

Carl Hiaasen

Not a series - Florida Cozies

Cynthia Hickey

Summer Meadows - Candy Store - Summer Confections - W/Candy-Making Aunt

Anita Higman

Bailey Walker - Volstead Manor Mysteries

Kaye C Hill

Alexandra Lexy Lomax - With Kinky, Her Chihuahua

New! Marion Moore Hill

Juanita Wills - Librarian W/Dog, Rip - Oklahoma
Millie Kirchner - Single Mom - Historical Sites

Sasscer Hill

Nikki Latrelle - Female Jockey - Maryland

New! Susan Hill

Simon Serrailler - Detective Chief Superintendent - British

Suzette A Hill

Rev. Francis Oughterard - w/Bouncer, Dog & Maurice, Cat

Steve Hockensmith

"Big Red" & "Old Red" Amlingmeyer - Detectives - Holmes on the Range Mysteries

Michelle Ann Hollstein

Aggie Underhill - Senior Sleuth Mysteries

Hazel Holt
Sheila Malory - Writer of Literary Criticism - Taviscombe, England

Wendy Hornsby

Maggie MacGowen - Filmmaker Sleuth

Dorothy Howell

Haley Randolph - With Ty Cameron, Owner of Department Store Where Haley Works

Maria Hudgins

Dotsy Lamb - Professor - W/Friend Lettie - Travel Mysteries

Mary Ellen Hughes

Jo McAllister - Jo's Craft Corner - Craft Corner mysteries

Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Ashley & Melanie Wilkes - Historic Preservationist & Real Estate Agent -
Magnolia Mysteries

Maddy Hunter

Emily Andrew - Passport To Peril - Senior Sleuth - Travel Mysteries

Elise Hyatt

Candyce "Dyce" Dare - Owner of Furniture Refinishing Store, Daring Finds

Julie Hyzy

Olivia Paras - White House Chef Mysteries

Betty Hechtman - Molly Pink - Crochet Craft Cozy
Betty Hechtman

Carl Hiaason - Florida Cozies
Carl Hiaason

Jane Haddam - Patience McKenna - Writer/Author Cozy
Jane Haddam

Jean Hager - Tess Darcy - Bed and Breakfast Cozy
Jean Hager

Honor Hartman - Emma Diamond - Bridge Club Cozy
Honor Hartman

Maddy Hunter

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